Missy Lancaster – Til I Figure it Out

With the release of Missy Lancaster‘s first EP approaching, Missy contacted me about taking the photos for her EP cover and promotional photos for posters etc.

The photos were taken in Missy’s hometown of Picton.

The title of the EP is “Til I Figure it Out” and is available on Itunes – “Til I Figure it Out”

Missy IMG_0610 Pre Filters copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy IMG_0688 copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy IMG_0752 Square copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy square crop V02A2972 copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy V02A2893 original Crop copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy V02A2903 copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy V02A2948 copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy V02A3043 copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy Ver 2 V02A2992 copy

Missy Lancaster

Missy’s EP is definitely worth listening particularly the title track “Til I Figure it Out” which is about growing up and making decisions on what do to with your life before you really know what you want to do. For someone as young as she is Missy Lancaster is very talented.

The track listing is:

1. “A Story”

2. “Til I Figure it Out”

3. “I Got to Know”

4. “Just You Wait”

5. “Invincible”

Missy Lancaster co-wrote three of the songs with Drew McAlister and one with Peter McWhirter.

My favourite track is “Just You Wait” which reminds me a lot of Carrie Underwood in her earlier years.

The official video clip  for “I Got to Know” can be seen on Itunes – Video Clip

You can keep up with everything that is happening with Missy’s music career by liking her Facebook page.

I am available for photo shoots for promotional purposes, CD covers and behind the scenes on music videos at very reasonable prices.  If you are interested I can be contacted by email malcolm@fireflyphotos.com.au or on my Firefly Photos Australia Facbook page by clicking on this link.