McAlister Kemp @ Wallacia Hotel 17.8.13

One of the newest venues for country music in the west of Sydney is the recently renovated Wallacia Hotel.   I headed out there not long ago to see a live performance by McAlister Kemp who are huge in stature and sound.   If I had to nominate a country band that will make it big then this would be the one.  Drew McAlister and Troy Kemp share the vocals with their powerful voices.   Their songs really appealed to the crowd who didn’t take long to get up and dance in front of the stage.

There is a perception amongst those that do not really know country music that it is quiet and boring.  If this is what you think then I suggest that you head out and catch one McAlister Kemp’s gigs and that view will still be dispelled as the band belts out some huge country rock numbers.  On the night they played all their hits “Country Proud”, “All Kinds of Tough”, “Hell Yeah”, “It Don’t Buy You Love”, ”Blue Collar Nights”,  “It Don’t Buy You Love” and “Hard Work”.  The crowd were also treated to the unveiling of their new single “Harder to Tame”.

It’s not only the audiences that they have won over with their music and lyrics but also international stars.  McAlister Kemp not only supported Alan Jackson when he toured Australia but were also invited to the USA to perform by Big & Rich.

Both Drew and Troy are accomplished songwriters and their lyrics resonate with the country music fans as they write about life and the issues that we all face.

The band’s appeal is not limited to a specific generation as the young and not so young members of the crowd were singing along to the hits all night.

They have released two albums so far All Kinds of Tough (2010) and Country Proud (2012).  A new album Harder to Tame will be released in January 2014 to coincide with the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Their music sound and style appears to be heavily influenced by American country music which I personally really enjoy.


If you are looking for a great night of entertainment then this country rock band may be just what you are looking for and they may just change your perception of country music.  They are loud and energetic and have quickly learnt how to engage the audience.

Future gigs and announcements can be found on their website

As for the Wallacia Hotel, the food is great and the outdoor entertainment area is huge with plenty of it undercover.  As an entertainment venue it has a huge potential with my only suggestion being that they need to remove a post that is in the middle of the stage.  It really divided the stage in two and made it difficult for the audience to see everything.