Long Exposures

Looking through the photos that I have taken over the last few years I have realised that I favour long exposure shots a fair bit so I thought that I would share a few personal favourites.


Bradley Head Lighthouse 3.2 seconds

Bradley Head Lighthouse 3.2 seconds

Using a Big Stopper filter you can even shoot long exposures in the day such as the Cecil Hill shot below.

Cecil Hills - 111 seconds

Cecil Hills – 111 seconds


Long exposures at sunrise create amazing images especially if you are lucky to have some morning colour.

Wollongong - 20 Seconds

Wollongong – 20 Seconds

Moving subjects such as this train at Museum Station shot at a longer exposure create an interesting photo.

Ghost Train 3.2 seconds

Ghost Train 3.2 seconds

Longer exposures at night are required to capture the Milky Way

The Milky Way - 20 seconds

The Milky Way – 20 seconds

Long exposures smooth out the water and blur the clouds but it works better on days with a breeze.

Bare Island 277 seconds

Bare Island 277 seconds


I decided to head to the Easter Show last year with my tripod to shoot some long exposures of the rides.  Exposures of a few seconds are enough to blur the rides.

Easter Show Ride - 3.2 seconds

Easter Show Ride – 3.2 seconds


To shoot long exposures it is necessary to use neutral density filters in front of the lens to reduce the amount light entering the camera.  This way the camera can hold the shutter open longer so that it has time to record the light.