Kilcowera Station

If you are looking for somewhere off the beaten track for a holiday then think about heading to Kilcowera Station which is located along the Darling Track between Hungerford and Thargomindah, Qld.

It is a 120,000 acres cattle station owned and operated by Greg and Toni Sherwin (you couldn’t ask for nicer hosts).  We camped beside the Cardenyabba lagoon for 10 stunning nights (we had only planned to stay for 4 nights).

There are plenty of things to see and explore on the property which also has accommodation in the shearer’s quarters.

Trees with Character 9928100A copy

Trees with Character

Sunset at Kilcowera 9314100A copy

Sunset View from Campsite

Roos 6064200B copy

Male Roos in the Morning Sun

Remnants of a Fence 9252100A copy

Remnants of a Fence in the Goat Paddock


My Favourite Lagoon at Kilcowera Station

There is a lot of bird life to be found on Kilcowera Station.  We spotted and photographed quite a few as you can see below:

unknown Bird 5763200B copy

White-Plumed Honeyeater

Major Mitchell 5786200B copy

Major Mitchell

Hawk 6037200B copy


Galahs 5518200B copy


Galah 5467200B copy


Black Fronted Dotterl 5614200B copy

Black Fronted Dotterel

Bird 5808200B copy

Singing Honeyeater

We had an amazing campsite beside the lagoon.


Aerial View of our Campsite

Morning View from our Campsite

Morning View from our Campsite

Amazing clouds nearly every day!

Golden Light 0248100A copy

The Afternoon Sun Lights the Scrub

Clouds DSC05460 copy

Amazing Clouds

Clouds DSC04541 copy

More Clouds and with a Reflection

What is a cattle station without cows??

Cow DSC05313 copy

One of the fine specimens on Kilcowera Station

Cow DSC05314 copy

All the cattle looked very healthy

During periods of heavy rainfall Kilcowera becomes home to some ancient shrimps!

Shrimp DSC05224 copy

Ancient Shrimp at Kilcowera


And it’s really camping unless you have a campfire!




If you are interested in staying at Kilcowera Station you can contact Toni or Greg through their Website or on Facebook.