Jervis Bay Weekend

The last weekend of October, after a very hectic month at work I decided to take the Friday off and enjoy a weekend of photography with my mate Don.

After leaving home at 3.30am we headed to Bombo which is just north of Kiama, to visit what is known by photographers as “The Boneyard”.  The Boneyard is situated on the coast and is what remains from an old basalt quarry  – history of location.

It was an overcast day and the swell was a modest 1.7 metres which was enough for the waves to be crashing over the walls.

Thar She Flows


We spent about 4 hours at the Boneyard before heading to Kiama for a quick breakfast and then onto Jervis Bay.  Be careful shooting at Bombo as the rocks are difficult to walk over and I twisted my ankle when trying compose a shot.

After such a long shoot at Bombo we were both concerned about having enough memory cards so a stop in Nowra was required to buy another card each – Compact Flash cards are not easy to find in Nowra! Neither of us knew the Jervis Bay area very well so it was time for some exploring.

We visited Blenhiem Beach which is near Huskinsson and thought that it had a lot of photographic opportunities with the right weather conditions.  The photo below was taken early the following morning.

Blenheim Beach


Next stop in the exploration was Hyams Beach which is regarded as having the whitest sand in the world – I must admit that it was very white but can not vouch that it is the whitest.

Hyams Beach


Green Patch Beach was one of the next stops and we stayed there quite a while as the sun was setting – unfortunately the conditions were not the best for photography though and another visit will be required. My cable release also went for a swim and it did not like the salt water very much and refused to work properly!

Green Patch Beach


By the time we left Green Patch it was after 7.00pm and as we had not organised any accommodation we thought we had better do so pretty quickly.  We found an older style motel at Huskinsson for a reasonable price and after a quick shower headed into town for a quick dinner and a few beers.

The next morning we shot the sunrise at Blenhiem Beach before heading back to Nowra to find a replacement cable release (they are a necessity for long exposures).  I think I purchased the only Canon cable release in Nowra!  We found it in the discount bin at Harvey Norman after being told that they did not have any in stock.  I negotiated a large discount as I was buying something that I had been told they didn’t have!

Later that day we decided to explore a few more locations including a 5km hike to Steamers Beach (not easy with a sprained ankle).  As soon as we reached the bottom of the stairs at Steamers Beach Don spotted a Brown Snake before it slithered off into the bush.   As it was the middle of the day we tried some long exposure photos as ended up with a few like this:

Steamers Beach


After arriving back at the car for a well earned beer we explored a few more locations before finding somewhere to buy some lunch.

For sunset we decided to revisit Green Patch Beach and were pleasantly surprised to see a Wallaby with her joey on the beach.

Wallaby & Joey


Again the conditions were not what we would have liked but we have to make do with it is put in front of us.


The next morning we headed out for a quick sunrise at Hyams Beach before packing up and heading home.

All in all we decided that the Jervis Bay area had a lot to offer photographers and is well worth another visit in the future.  It has beautiful beaches and plenty of wildlife.

I have a few of the photos from the trip available for sale on Redbubble