Hawaii from the Air

My daughter was recently married in Hawaii and while we were there we decided to go on a doors off helicopter flight over the Ohau island with Makani kai Helicopters.


Oahu Map DSC04131 WEB

Oahu Map

Due to poor weather on the day of scheduled flight it was necessary to reschedule to another day and Makani kai Helicopters were very obliging in assisting us in rescheduling with limited time available.

Rescheduling was fine with us!

Rescheduling was fine with us!

The weather on the day of the rescheduled flight was great and we had a very smooth flight.

Inside the Helicopter

Inside the Helicopter

Here are a few of the images taken from the helicopter.



Diamond Head 2158200B WEB

Diamond Head, Hawaii

US$15m will buy you one of these!

US$15m will buy you one of these!

Hawaii 2226200B WEB

Rugged Hawaiian Landscape

Hawaii 2232200B WEB

Hawaii from the sky

Hawaii 2260200B WEB

Coral Reefs in Hanauma Bay

Hawaii 2269200B WEB

Hanauma Bay

Hawaii 2247200B WEB

Hanauma Bay

Hawaii 2253200B WEB

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

Hawaii 2274200B WEB

Mountain Range, Hawaii

Hawaii 2311200B WEB

Idyllic Valley and Beach on Oahu

Hawaii 2334200B WEB


Hawaii 2362200B WEB


Hawaii 2385200B WEB

Wind Farms in Hawaii

Hawaii 2404200B WEB

The North Shore of Oahu

Hawaii 2420200B WEB

The North Shore

Hawaii 2438200B WEB

Hawaiian Agricultural Land

Hawaii 2447200B WEB

Pineapple Crops

Hawaii 2466200B WEB

Close up of the Pineapple Crops

Hawaii 2512200B WEB

Retired Naval Vessels

Hawaii 2521200B WEB

Cloudy Reflections

Hawaii 2560200B WEB

Honolulu Airport

Hawaii 2566200B WEB

Honolulu Airport

We Survived!

We Survived!