Christie Lamb

I had the pleasure of shooting some promotional images for country singer Christie Lamb.  For those of you that have not heard of her Christie have a look at her website and listen to her music.

The planning of the shoot took a bit work as Christie had to decide on the style of the photos that she needed, the outfits to wear and the sourcing of accessories.  As Christie had performed at the Campbelltown Catholic Club she was able to obtain use of a few locations within the club that we use for our shoot.

For her hair and make-up Christie was lucky to be able to have Lisa Mangion to available to work with us on the shoot.  Lisa is very popular and always in demand.

The first location was in the piano lounge area at the Campbelltown Catholic Club as Christie wanted a few shots around the piano and with her hair styled straight.

We were supposed to start shooting before the club opened but the hair and make-up took longer than planned and we ended up shooting with a few spectators.

The next location for the shoot was in the Cube and we had use of the stage for quite a few hours.  The old style microphone was one the props that Christie sourced for the shoot and we made good use of it.

One of the good things about the shoot was that Christie brought a long a variety of outfits and had a make-up artist/stylist on hand to change the look throughout the day.  This enabled us to take quite a few different styles of photos.

Danni joined us for a few hours and thanks to her we found a big industrial fan to give the wind blown look.

 After shooting at the Cube we packed up and travelled to lake at Harrington Park for a few shots with water in the background.

This was followed by some photos near Christie’s house and then as the light was starting to fade at a park in Camden.  It was a long and tiring day but very worthwhile as Christie was very happy with the photos and so was I.