A Girl’s A Gun @ Brighton Up Bar 14/04/16

A Girls’s a Gun performing at the Brighton Up Bar for the Electric Ladyland night along with Ex-Cassette and Aimee Francis

Great live band from Sydney with some killer tracks – keep up to date with them by heading over to their website A Girls a Gun

The members are Lucia ‘Chi’ Kavanagh – Vocals Jack Perry – Guitars Ryan Sorensen – Guitars, Keys Alvin Ash – Bass Shane Carpini – Drums

You can also find them on their Facebook page A Girl’s A Gun

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Lucia ‘Chi’ Kavanagh belting it out!

Lucia 'Chi' Kavanagh

Lucia ‘Chi’ Kavanagh

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Alvin Ash and Jack Perry

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Ryan Sorensen

Lucia 'Chi' Kavanagh

Lucia ‘Chi’ Kavanagh

Ryan Sorrenson

Ryan Sorrenson

Vivid 2013

It is the time of year when Sydney literally lights up with the Vivid Festival.  From the 24th May, 2013 until the 10th June, 2013 Sydney comes alive with colour and light with buildings and iconic structures brought to life by an amazing laser show.

If you are thinking of heading in there I suggest that you arrive early (the lights are turned on at 6.00pm) or catch a train.  I have driven in there twice in the last week and the traffic and parking were a nightmare.

Opera House Blues

Vivid has their own Facebook page where you can obtain more information.

It is the 5th year that the Vivid Festival has been in Sydney and I have been to 4 of them.  Be aware though that it usually seems to rain a bit during the festival and the you may need to bring an umbrella.

The Pinball Machine

One of the scenes projected onto the sales of the Opera House is that of a pinball game.  The scenes take you through a game on the pinball machine from the launching of the ball, through hitting the bumpers, scoring points and getting the multi-ball feature.  When you take your time to watch it you will be amazed at what they have achieved.

Pinball Fun

A lot of the lighting displays are interactive allowing the crowds to create the light by pressing buttons or making movements.  The Sydney Harbour Bridge lights are created in this way with people on the Milsons Point choosing a colour and location so that they can light the bridge.  There are 100,800 LED lights used on the bridge.

The Coat Hanger

A great place to view the Harbour Bridge is Observatory Hill.  Not only during the Vivid Festival but at anytime as you can see different eras of Sydney at the same time.  You have the historic terrace houses in the foreground, then the Harbour Bridge and then the skyscrapers in North Sydney.  You can also throw the iconic face of Luna Park into the mix too!

Sydney Through the Years

If you do head up to Observatory Hill at night make sure that you take a torch and someone to keep you company as it is very dark and you can never be sure who is around.

On my third visit to Vivid I explored the area around Walsh Bay.

Pushing the Boundaries

A bit of fun with the fish-eye under and around the harbour bridge

Under the Coathanger

Walsh Bay with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

Walsh Bay

An interesting technique to use for different photos is to move your zoom during the exposure.  This is what I did with the mirror balls below.

Purple Rain