Game of Thrones Photo Shoot

Last Saturday I attended a photo shoot/workshop organised by Snapshot Imagery.  The theme for the day was Game of Thrones and it was held at the grounds of the old Gladesville Mental Asylum in Sydney.

On the day there were cosplayers, models, members of the Battlecry LARP group, videographers, make-up artists, hair stylists and of course photographers.  All up I would estimate that there were about 30 people in attendance.

It was a very enjoyable day and it gave me the opportunity to test out my new Godox AD600B light and the Godox AD-H600B Portable off-Camera Flash Head which made life so much easier.

Cersei – portrayed by Sharingan Siren Cosplay

Khaleesi – portrayed by Jennifer Burns

Sansa Stark – portrayed by Hannah Moy

Guard/Foot Soldier – portrayed by Monte Pytka

Soldiers/Guards from Battlecry LARP

Soldiers/Guards from Battlecry LARP

Soldiers/Guards from Battlecry LARP

Soldiers/Guards from Battlecry LARP

Soldiers/Guards from Battlecry LARP

Soldiers/Guards from Battlecry LARP

Soldiers/Guards from Battlecry LARP

Sansa – Portrayed by Hannah Moy


All make-up and hair styling by Holly Brooke Beauty – Hair & Make-up

Facebook/Instagram Links –

Battlecry LARP

Snapshot Imagery – Workshops

Firefly Photos Australia

Monte Pytka

Hannah Moy/Mermaid.Tempest

Sharingan Siren Cosplay


Katie Jayne

Katie Jayne approached me recently to take a few photos of her that she could use to promote her music career. Katie was formerly a member of the Southern Junction band but has recently commenced a solo career.  She has performed in the USA, the UK and Australia, most recently at the Off the Eaten Truck Festival organised by Rooty Hill RSL.

After exploring a few locations we decided up a little known location in Sydney that included an old aquaduct.  Here a few of the photos from the shoot.


Katie with the aquaduct disappearing into the distance


One of Katie’s favourite shots from the day.


Katie with the sun starting to light her from behind.


In between shots


One of the old towers that contained machinery to operate the aquaduct


Katie framed by the door frame




Katie on the top of the aquaduct


Headshot of Katie


Katie looking relaxed during the shoot


Katie looking very empowering


My personal favourite from the day.

Keep up to date with Katie’s career and future gigs by liking her music page on Facebook – Katie Jayne Music

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Georgia White – Promo Photos

I first heard Georgia White perform when she was around 15 years old and she was singing in a fund raiser concert at Campbelltown RSL.  Since then I have followed her career including her time with the Apprentices group.

Georgia has an amazing voice and is a lovely young woman.  I was only too happy to take some new promo photos for her early in October this year.

As luck would have it, Georgia was filming a promotional video in Chippendale at a great studio style location and we were able to shoot there for a few hours after the video shoot.

The images below are those selected by Georgia as her favourites.

























On the day of the photo shoot Georgia recorded a promotional video which showcases her amazing talent.  Check out the video on Youtube

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A Shot in the Dark

After having photographed a previous incarnation the band “A Shot in the Dark”, at a local Battle of the Bands, they approached me about shooting some promo photos. We headed to an abandoned building in the Southern Highlands and created these images:

A Shot in the Dark 3584100A WEB

A Shot in the Dark 3587100A WEB

A Shot in the Dark 3649100A WEB

A Shot in the Dark 3664100A WEB

A Shot in the Dark 3691100A WEB

A Shot in the Dark 3706100A web

A Shot in the Dark 9789200B WEB

Shot in the Dark 3559100A VER A WEB

A Shot in the Dark 3755100A WEB

A Shot in the Dark are an Alternative Metal/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band located in the South West of Sydney.

The band members are:

Luke McKay – Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Craigie – Guitar
Zac Ball – Bass
Josh Sanchez – Drums

You can keep up to date with them by liking their Facebook page – A Shot in the Dark.

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Album Cover Shoot for Tara Favell

Having photographed Tara Favell in 2014 for her Tamworth promotional photos I was pleased to be contacted again to shoot the cover of her upcoming CD.  After discussing ideas and scouting around for a location we decided on the Camelia Gardens at Caringbah.  These are beautifully landscaped gardens with lots of paths wandering throughout the gardens.

These are some of the photos that we ended up with on the day.

Photoshoot with Tara Favell 5.12.15 at Camellia Gardens, Caringbah for CD cover and promo photos.

Photoshoot with Tara Favell 5.12.15 at Camellia Gardens, Caringbah for CD cover and promo photos.

Photoshoot with Tara Favell 5.12.15 at Camellia Gardens, Caringbah for CD cover and promo photos.

Tara IMG_8285 Ver 3 copy










Photoshoot with Tara Favell 5.12.15 at Camellia Gardens, Caringbah for CD cover and promo photos.

Photoshoot with Tara Favell 5.12.15 at Camellia Gardens, Caringbah for CD cover and promo photos.

Photoshoot with Tara Favell 5.12.15 at Camellia Gardens, Caringbah for CD cover and promo photos.

Photoshoot with Tara Favell 5.12.15 at Camellia Gardens, Caringbah for CD cover and promo photos.

Photoshoot with Tara Favell 5.12.15 at Camellia Gardens, Caringbah for CD cover and promo photos.


Studio Shoot with Ian Burns

Country singer Ian Burns contacted me for a 3rd photo shoot and this time it was for his upcoming album cover.  He had a specific set of images that he wanted and this was the outcome.

Ian IMG_7189 copy

Ian IMG_7215 copy

Ian IMG_7223 copy

IAN IMG_7310 copy

IAN IMG_7310 Ver 2 copy

Microphone IMG_7169 copy

Portraits of Kiara Taylor

A few weeks ago Kiara Taylor approached me for another photo shoot as she needed updated photos for her upcoming CD.  We were lucky enough to be able to shoot at Camelot Castle in Kirkham and also Mater Dei Catholic School.

Kiara IMG_6878 Updated copy



Kiara IMG_6920 Updated copy

IMG_6990 copy

Kiara IMG_6637 copy

Kiara IMG_6651 copy

Kiara IMG_6743 copy

Kiara IMG_6822 copy

Kiara IMG_6833 copy

Kiara IMG_6546 Square copy

Kiara IMG_6680 copy


Missy Lancaster – Til I Figure it Out

With the release of Missy Lancaster‘s first EP approaching, Missy contacted me about taking the photos for her EP cover and promotional photos for posters etc.

The photos were taken in Missy’s hometown of Picton.

The title of the EP is “Til I Figure it Out” and is available on Itunes – “Til I Figure it Out”

Missy IMG_0610 Pre Filters copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy IMG_0688 copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy IMG_0752 Square copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy square crop V02A2972 copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy V02A2893 original Crop copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy V02A2903 copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy V02A2948 copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy V02A3043 copy

Missy Lancaster


Missy Ver 2 V02A2992 copy

Missy Lancaster

Missy’s EP is definitely worth listening particularly the title track “Til I Figure it Out” which is about growing up and making decisions on what do to with your life before you really know what you want to do. For someone as young as she is Missy Lancaster is very talented.

The track listing is:

1. “A Story”

2. “Til I Figure it Out”

3. “I Got to Know”

4. “Just You Wait”

5. “Invincible”

Missy Lancaster co-wrote three of the songs with Drew McAlister and one with Peter McWhirter.

My favourite track is “Just You Wait” which reminds me a lot of Carrie Underwood in her earlier years.

The official video clip  for “I Got to Know” can be seen on Itunes – Video Clip

You can keep up with everything that is happening with Missy’s music career by liking her Facebook page.

I am available for photo shoots for promotional purposes, CD covers and behind the scenes on music videos at very reasonable prices.  If you are interested I can be contacted by email malcolm@fireflyphotos.com.au or on my Firefly Photos Australia Facbook page by clicking on this link.




Studio Work

I have recently set up a studio in small space at home.  You don’t need a lot of space or much in the way of equipment to create a studio to be able create great photos.


Kiara V02A6502 B&W Ver 2 copy

Kiara Taylor

Kiara IMG_1486 Cropped lightened B&W copy

Kiara Taylor

Kiara IMG_1454 Lightened V2 B&W copy

Kiara Taylor


Kiara Taylor



Corinne Rushby


Johanna & Kiara

Johanna Hemara & Kiara Taylor



Corinne Rushby



Kiara Taylor

Tara stage 5 V02A0213 copy

Tara Favell


Tara lightened  IMG_9872 copy

Tara Favell

Tara REVISED 081114 V02A0153 copy

Tara Favell


For anyone requiring a photo shoot I can be contacted by email malcolm@fireflyphotos.com.au


Ian Burns – Photo Shoot

Country singer Ian Burns approached me recently to take some promo photos and shoot the cover for his forthcoming CD that he is recording.

One the Property - Ian Burns

One the Property – Ian Burns

We shot a few locations including at his property, Anthill Golf Club and a few of the local back streets.

At Anthill - Ian Burns

At Anthill – Ian Burns

Ian couldn’t resist having a photo with one of his big boy toys.

Ian & His Harley

Ian & His Harley

We were nearly run over whilst shooting this shot – no one around until Ian starts walking down the road!

Country Road - Ian Burns

Country Road – Ian Burns

And this one was one of my favourites from the shoot.

Ian Burns

Ian Burns


Ian Burns

Ian Burns

You can often find Ian performing around the Camden/Picton area so make sure that you check out your gig guide and especially keep an eye out for Anthill Golf Club gigs.

Corinne Rushby

Earlier this year I was approached by a young country singer, Corinne Rushby, to take some promotional photos for her that she could use for her facebook, website, posters and cards.  I had previously met Corinne when she made a guest appearance at a gig of Golden Guitar winner Luke O’Shea.  It says a lot for the talent of Corinne that she was asked to sing with someone as prestigious as Luke.

Over a few weeks we discussed the type of image that Corinne was looking for and then started thinking about locations that suited her vision.  We considered a number of locations that we could use and after scouting around finally decided on the area of Theresa Park/Brownlow Hill as it had a lovely country outlook and was reasonably close for both of us.  Luckily for us Corinne’s mother had arranged access for us to a private property which had some great settings that we could use during the shoot.

As we had planned to shoot a few different looks, Corinne had chosen a few different outfits and started with a formal red dress which worked really well with the green arches of the trees over the road.

Under the Natural Arches

The chosen location worked very well for what we had in mind and we both really liked this photo of Corinne in one of the country fields.

Field of Gold

It was hard not to shoot under the archway created by the trees as they worked well in framing Corinne.

Under the Arches

By using a large aperture and blurring the background I was able to isolate Corinne in this shot so that she stood out as the main focus of the viewer.

Corinne and her Maton Guitar

Props are important on a photo shoot but not everyone can bring a lounge to location.  Thanks to Corinne’s brother Brad for delivering the lounge to us.

Relaxing during the shoot

We were lucky to find a shed full of hay that we could use for the shoot.


The shoot wasn’t all hard work and there were plenty of funny moments.  I captured this shot as Corinne was laughing.

My personal favourite photo from the day was this one of Corinne.

Corinne Rushby

Corinne Rushby


Keep an eye out for Corinne and make sure that you catch one her gigs so that you can have a listen to a talented young artist.  If you like her facebook page you can be sure that you will be kept update with what is happening with her career and where her gigs will be on.

If you or anyone that you know of could use some new promotional shots, CD covers, posters and even a live gig shoot then contact via the contact page or email me at malcolm@fireflyphotos.com.au


Over the last few years I have taken quite a few portraits.

These are a few of my favourites that I would like to share.




































Pin-ups and Cars

The following images are the result of 3 photographers collaborating to shoot 4 girls that enjoy the pin-up style and 3 antique cars.

The photographers were David Haworth, Justin Ross and myself and the models were Thalia, Shona, Bec and Julia.  The cars were located at Grasmere near Camden and were owned by friends of David.

The cars were in daily use by their owners and they were happy to be given some photos that they could have framed for display.


The above image of Thalia was one of my favourites from the shoot. Thalia is a qualified make-up artist and did all her own make-up.  If you would like to find out more you can contact Thalia on her Facebook page.

LeeLoo Loren

The photo above was my favourite from the shoot and Leeloo Loren (Julia) was definitely born in the wrong era!  She also looked after her own hair and make-up.

Shona Mercy

Since this shoot, Shona has stepped behind the camera and is really starting to make a name for herself as a photographer too. She now has a photography page on Facebook –  Miss Mercy Photography.  Shona’s make-up was by Carren Lee.

Bec Hardy

Bec Hardy looked like she had stepped back in time for the day and her make-up was by Carren Lee.

Blowing Kisses

It is not often that you get the opportunity to do a shoot like this so we made the most of it and shot until just before dark.  The owners of the cars even put on a great lunch for us!

Time for a Ride!

Shona & Bec

Shona – Miss Mercy

Bec Hardy

Shona – Miss Mercy


Bec (left) and Shona (right)













Leeloo Loren