Corinne Rushby

Earlier this year I was approached by a young country singer, Corinne Rushby, to take some promotional photos for her that she could use for her facebook, website, posters and cards.  I had previously met Corinne when she made a guest appearance at a gig of Golden Guitar winner Luke O’Shea.  It says a lot for the talent of Corinne that she was asked to sing with someone as prestigious as Luke.

Over a few weeks we discussed the type of image that Corinne was looking for and then started thinking about locations that suited her vision.  We considered a number of locations that we could use and after scouting around finally decided on the area of Theresa Park/Brownlow Hill as it had a lovely country outlook and was reasonably close for both of us.  Luckily for us Corinne’s mother had arranged access for us to a private property which had some great settings that we could use during the shoot.

As we had planned to shoot a few different looks, Corinne had chosen a few different outfits and started with a formal red dress which worked really well with the green arches of the trees over the road.

Under the Natural Arches

The chosen location worked very well for what we had in mind and we both really liked this photo of Corinne in one of the country fields.

Field of Gold

It was hard not to shoot under the archway created by the trees as they worked well in framing Corinne.

Under the Arches

By using a large aperture and blurring the background I was able to isolate Corinne in this shot so that she stood out as the main focus of the viewer.

Corinne and her Maton Guitar

Props are important on a photo shoot but not everyone can bring a lounge to location.  Thanks to Corinne’s brother Brad for delivering the lounge to us.

Relaxing during the shoot

We were lucky to find a shed full of hay that we could use for the shoot.


The shoot wasn’t all hard work and there were plenty of funny moments.  I captured this shot as Corinne was laughing.

My personal favourite photo from the day was this one of Corinne.

Corinne Rushby

Corinne Rushby


Keep an eye out for Corinne and make sure that you catch one her gigs so that you can have a listen to a talented young artist.  If you like her facebook page you can be sure that you will be kept update with what is happening with her career and where her gigs will be on.

If you or anyone that you know of could use some new promotional shots, CD covers, posters and even a live gig shoot then contact via the contact page or email me at