October 2013

The Apprentices – Rooty Hill RSL 27th May, 2013

The Apprentices

Collectively, Makaylie Foodey, Kaylah Anne, Georgia White and Hannah Smith are known as The Apprentices.  These young ladies were handpicked by the well respected and the very much in demand record producer Rod McCormick to create The Apprentices as a means of helping young artists reach a wider audience.

All four of them have superb voices and show a maturity beyond their years.  This was their first show that I had the pleasure of attending and The Waratah Room at the Rooty Hill RSL was the perfect venue to showcase the ability of The Apprentices and the quality of their music.

Each of the group are accomplished singers in their own rights and they each performed a solo set of 10 songs during the show with group performances between sets.

Georgia White was the first to perform a solo set which including 4 Non Blondes“What’s Up, Carrie Underwood’s “I Told You So”The Wreckers’ “Crazy People” and some amazing original songs  that she wrote or co-wrote “Cry Cry Cry”, “Mesmerise” and “All the Wrong Reasons”.  Georgia’s voice, especially on “Cry Cry Cry” and “All the Wrong Reasons” can transport you back to the era of Patsy Cline.  It was a very polished performance by very talented young woman.

Georgia White

All four artists were back on stage to perform the Beatles’ classic “Come to Together” which was well received by the audience and demonstrated how they can perform together as a group.

Kaylah Anne was next to perform her solo set and opened it with an original song “Wild Side” from the Apprentices’ debut album which was released at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January, 2011.  Kaylah then performed my favourite song from The Wreckers “Leave the Pieces” followed by Rod Stewart’s “First Cut is the Deepest” and then another original from the debut album “Four Leaf Clover”.  Kaylah’s talent continued to shine as she performed her own song about the regrets of a young girl “Losing What I Never Had”.  I really enjoyed Kaylah’s version of Kasey Chamber’s “Guilty as Sin” and Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”.  “Deadweight” from the latest album was my favourite song of Kaylah’s and I can see her with a big future in the music industry.

Kaylah Anne

Next to perform a solo act was Makaylie Foodey who has not only written her own songs but has recently co-written a song which appears on Gina Jeffries latest album.  Makaylie opened the set with her first single “Butterflies” and then continued to impress as she performed another 9 songs from Katy Perry’s “Waking Up in Vegas” to Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” to Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”.  Makaylie also performed her own songs including “Light a Match”, “Take it Back” and “Walk on By Again” which are a country/pop blend of music and highlighted not only her vocal talents but her song writing ability.

Makaylie Foodey

The Apprentices then performed their own version of the Doobie Brothers’ classic hit “Listen to Music” before Hannah Smith commenced her set.  Hannah is a big fan of the Dixie Chicks and included great versions of “Good Bye Earl” and “Travelling Soldier” in her set.  It was a varied set and included a number of original songs, “Blood is Thicker than Water”, “The Ghost of You” and “Losing Faith”. “Losing Faith” is about dealing with her grandmother’s dementia and it’s a prime example of her song writing skills whilst also showing a maturity not normally displayed by someone so young.   Hannah finished her set with Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colours” and another of my favourite songs, Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman”.

Hannah Smith

The final song performed by The Apprentices was Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” which was a fitting song to finish the performance with as they genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout the show.

The Apprentices 2

Overall, the performance was one that would encourage fans to see them again and buy their music, I know that I did and have since listened to the Light a Match album quite a few times.  They may have to consider changing their name in the near future as I think that they have already  served their apprenticeship and are streets ahead of a lot of performers their age.

For further information visit their website

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Cameron Corner – There and Back (Part 2)

The road to Tibooburra took us through flat and an often desolate landscape without many features to break the horizon.  There were some distant hills and very few trees.  Despite the barren landscape we still enjoyed the drive as the combination of the red dirt roads and deep blue skies is something that we never tire of seeing.

Plenty of road kill along the way meant that we spotted a lot of Wedge Tailed Eagles and I did my best to capture a few photos of them.

These birds of prey are magnificent creatures and I wanted to stop every time that we saw some but Danni had other ideas. Despite the protests I still managed to stop quite a few times but the eagles didn’t seem to like having their photos taken.  I would fearlessly walk as slowly as possible towards them shooting as I walked and every time they felt I was too close they would fly further away.  I would then keep stalking them until I realised how far I had ventured from the car.



All day during the drive the clouds were looking fantastic and I was keeping an eye out for a lone tree or some other feature that I could use as a focal point.  I finally spotted a lone tree in the distance to use so I left Danni in the car on the side of the road whilst I headed off towards the tree. By positioning myself in the right position I was able to compose the photo so the clouds were streaking out from behind the tree. There was also a cattle track to use as a lead in line to the tree.

The Lone Tree

We had planned our arrival in Tibooburra to coincide with the State of Origin game as we couldn’t miss the decider.  How was I to know that NSW would lose again and that I would be only of the two people in Tibooburra supporting the Blues!.

Tibooburra is quite an unusual landscape and has a lot of granite outcrops dotted around the area and even in the middle of town.

Billy Goat Hill

Wild goats were plentiful in the area and have adapted well to harsh climate and sparse vegetation.

We left Tibooburra the day after we lost the State of Origin and headed towards Cameron Corner – I couldn’t up with all the Queenslanders walking around looking superior!

It was interesting drive and we saw our first ever clay pan.

Clay Pan


We couldn’t visit corner country without having a look at the Dingo Fence.  At over 5,000 kms long it is the longest fence in the world and is still used to keep the dingoes away from the sheep in the South East part of Australia.

Dingo Fence

After a quick visit to Cameron Corner for a beer and a chat to the owners of the store we decided to head back to Fort Grey Campground to camp for a few days.  We were very surprised to find that we were the only ones staying there and it was nearly two days before anyone else arrived.  We had the choice of all the prime camp spots so we set up right next to one of the shelters to provide a bit of protection in case it rained.

Our Campsite

The shelter included fresh water and free gas BBQ’s which was totally unexpected.  As we were the only ones around we didn’t feel the need to pack everything away when we went exploring.

The only problem with this was the birds stealing our food – they ate nearly a full packet of chips and I caught one flying off with half a packet of Nice biscuits.

On one of our walks we were surprised to find Lake Pinaroo and even more surprised that it is was full of water!  A lot of the lakes that we have visited on our travels have been empty but this was one wasn’t.  It was a haven for the bird life of the area and in the evening thousands of Corellas literally covered all the trees on the opposite side of the lake.  It’s hard to explain the sight and sound of so many birds in one place and it needs to be experienced personally.

Until you get away from the city lights you do not realise how many stars there really are in the sky.  While I was waiting for Danni to wake up (I had convinced her that she should watch the sunrise with me and witness the Golden Hour) I took a few shots of the starry sky.

Stars of the Outback


The morning’s sunrise wasn’t a spectacular one but it give me the opportunity to show Danni why I get up so early for my photography.  The rising sun just lit the trees a beautiful golden colour.

The Golden Hour

We would have both been happy to spend the rest of the holiday camped right here as it was so peaceful (forgetting the thousands of Corellas that is) but we had accommodation booked at Silverton and we needed to leave after two nights.  At least it gave me time to shoot the sunrise and the sunset.

This was my favourite photo from Lake Pinaroo and was taken late in the afternoon as I was waiting for the sun to set.

The Cloud Makers

The next stage of the trip was to the historic town of Silverton which will be included in the next update.

If you would like to see more photos from the trip then head over to my Facebook page or my Flickr set.


I recently had the pleasure of shooting some promo photos for the rock band Imposition.  Having previously seen them perform live I can tell you that they are an energetic band and definitely have a future in the industry.  The band members are Ashley Knight – Vocals/Keyboard/Guitar, Dane Richter – Lead Guitar, Daniel Harding – Drums and Jeff Henderson on Bass.  Despite the band only having been formed just over 13 months ago they perform like they have been together for a lot longer.  In the short time since their formation they have been garnering a following on the Central Coast of NSW and  have performed at many venues in the area.

The band has received good feedback on Triple J Unearthed and their fan base is rapidly growing.  For those of you in Sydney they will be performing on a regular basis at Hornsby RSL starting in 2014.

The band members are young and like to enjoy themselves when performing so we decided to shoot something fun for their promo photos.

Fun in the Park


One of the shots that we wanted to take involved us all spinning around on a roundabout ride.  The idea was to have a blurred background due to the movement whilst Imposition were all in the focus.   Anyone watching us would have thought that we were crazy as it is not that easy to achieve.  Dane, Jeff and Daniel would take turns pushing the ride around and then try to jump back on and get in position so that I could take a photo.  Unfortunately as soon as they jumped back on the ride would slow down and by the time they were ready for the shot we were either in the wrong position or nearly at a standstill.  Next time we will need some helpers to push us around.  We did end up with a shot that was a keeper.

The Roundabout

A shot like the one above is not suitable for anyone with a weak stomach as by the end of it we were all feeling very queasy and I am not sure if we could have gone on for my much longer.

It is surprising how many compositions you can find that work when you are in a children’s playground.  This mini rock climbing wall came in handy.

On the Wall

Leaving the park we headed to coastal rocks at Pearl Beach where we had a bit of fun with different poses and the fish-eye lens.

Band Practice

Back to Front










I particularly liked this one that we took while at Pearl Beach with Ashley gazing into the distance and the guys looking more casual

On the Rocks

The next location involved a bit of bush walking but I’m not sure of the exact location.  We ended up in cave that overlooked Patonga and we could see Palm Beach in the distance.

We took a few shots around the cave but as space was limited and none of felt inclined to fall of the cliff the available compositions were limited.  Despite limited compositions my favourite shot was taken here and I applied a different processing style to and ended up with this shot.

Cool World

This location had stunning views and worked well as the backdrop.

Everyone enjoyed the shoot and we ended up with quite a few keepers that Imposition will use to promote themselves.  If you need an entertaining rock band that for a venue or even a private function they can be contacted through their facebook page Imposition.

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