May 2013

CMC Rocks the Hunter 2013 Part 1

I applied for and was lucky enough to procure a media pass for CMC Rocks the Hunter which was being held at Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley from the 15th March, 2013 until the 17th March, 2013.

Being a big fan of country music I was very excited about being able to hear some of my favourite artists perform and also to photograph them from the media pit area.

There were some big name acts performing over the weekend and I was particularly looking forward to seeing the Band Perry and Big & Rich.

There were a lot of artists on the bill which I had either never heard of or not heard play before and the opening act of the Wolfe Brothers was one of those.

I was blown away by the energy produced by the Wolfe Brothers and can’t wait to see them perform live again.


The Wolfe Brothers 2013

The Wolfe Brothers were followed by Golden Guitar winner Catherine Britt, 8 Ball Aitken, Adam Harvey, Travis List, Cadd & Morris and Amber Lawrence.

The Friday night acts included Jack Ingram

Jack Ingram


Doug Bruce and the Tailgaters

Doug Bruce

With Adam Brand as the closing act.

Travis Collins and Adam Brand

Saturday morning started off with another great act that I had not heard before, Bob Corbett and the Roo Grass Band.  Again I was pleased that I had the opportunity to hear them perform as I was very impressed with their distinct sound.

The next act was the Legarde Twins who had turned 82 the night before!!  They are credited as the first Australians to take our country music to the USA.

Following on from the Legarde Twins was Tori Darke who I have watched grow and mature into a very professional performer with a big future in store for her.

Tori Darke

The cheeky Buddy Goode performed next with his tongue in cheek songs and innuendos and then Baylou.  Love and Theft from the USA were to be the next act but due to personal reasons one half of the duo couldn’t make it to Australia.  Luckily for the organisers and the crowd, Travis Collins is a local artist and he more than made up for Love and Theft.

Travis Collins

Travis got the crowd going by giving them some toys to play with in the form of blow up thongs and balls.

Flying Thongs

There were quite a interesting moments over the weekend and the crowd was full of characters.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved the crowd were of the weekend.

The Friday night was a big night for alcohol consumption and I would say that there were a few people feeling a bit sorry for themselves the next day.

There were a few buck and hens parties being celebrated over the weekend which made for some very interesting photos including one poor guy taped to a chair and left sitting on the hill at the mercy of everyone walking past him.  His “mates” also put a sign on him saying free kisses and he did receive a few including a guy gave him a big kiss on the lips!


CMC Veterans

Free Kisses


To be continued

Christie Lamb

I had the pleasure of shooting some promotional images for country singer Christie Lamb.  For those of you that have not heard of her Christie have a look at her website and listen to her music.

The planning of the shoot took a bit work as Christie had to decide on the style of the photos that she needed, the outfits to wear and the sourcing of accessories.  As Christie had performed at the Campbelltown Catholic Club she was able to obtain use of a few locations within the club that we use for our shoot.

For her hair and make-up Christie was lucky to be able to have Lisa Mangion to available to work with us on the shoot.  Lisa is very popular and always in demand.

The first location was in the piano lounge area at the Campbelltown Catholic Club as Christie wanted a few shots around the piano and with her hair styled straight.

We were supposed to start shooting before the club opened but the hair and make-up took longer than planned and we ended up shooting with a few spectators.

The next location for the shoot was in the Cube and we had use of the stage for quite a few hours.  The old style microphone was one the props that Christie sourced for the shoot and we made good use of it.

One of the good things about the shoot was that Christie brought a long a variety of outfits and had a make-up artist/stylist on hand to change the look throughout the day.  This enabled us to take quite a few different styles of photos.

Danni joined us for a few hours and thanks to her we found a big industrial fan to give the wind blown look.

 After shooting at the Cube we packed up and travelled to lake at Harrington Park for a few shots with water in the background.

This was followed by some photos near Christie’s house and then as the light was starting to fade at a park in Camden.  It was a long and tiring day but very worthwhile as Christie was very happy with the photos and so was I.

Beyond the Great Dividing Range

Little Topar

While we are planning on a new trip to outback NSW I thought that I would share some of the images taken on our last trip.  Our last trip in the middle of summer in January, 2012 and we ventured from home to Hay the first day.  Not a lot of photo opportunities as the Hay Plains are a bit boring to drive along as there was not much to see.

Turlee Station

The next day we drove to Turlee Sheep Station where we would be staying for the next four nights.  With a few days of temperatures around 40 degrees, the air-conditioned cabin was a great place to be in the middle of the night.

The reason that we chose to stay at this location was because it was a short drive down the road from Mungo National Park.

Mungo National Park has a lot of historical significance as it was the location for the oldest human remains in Australia which were dated as being 42,000 years old.  Outside of Africa these are the oldest modern human remains discovered.

The highlight to me of Mungo National Park was the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

The road from Turlee to Mungo was not without its hazards.  We always had to be on the lookout for emus and kangaroos as there were plenty of them around.  Our way was often blocked by a ram that we nicknamed Nigel.  No matter what time of day or which direction we were driving from we would come across Nigel standing in the middle of the road!

Nigel the Ram

Nigel from behind!

When we drove up to Nigel he would just turn around and run along the middle of the road for a few hundred metres in the same direction that we were heading.





Mungo National Park is a great place to visit and not just because I am a photographer.  The tour guides were excellent and explained so much of the history of the location.  It was easy to see why it has so much historical significance to the Aborigines.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the classic windmill scene while at Mungo

Windmill of Mungo

While staying at Turlee Station we took a day trip to Mildura and shredded a tyre along the way.  We discovered that tyres do not last long when the wall is pierced by sharp stones!  We were lucky to find a tyre shop open and were able to buy a new tyre for the Navara.

Perry Sandhills

We made a slight detour on the way back to Turlee by visiting Perry Sandhills. The sandhills are slowly moving and covering the huge gum trees in the area.  Much to the amusement of my wife Danni, I did try my hand at sliding down the sand dune on a piece of cardboard and failed miserably!






On the way back from Perry Sandhills we spotted another iconic Australian scene, the rusted old car on the side of the road.

Outback Wreck


The lovely hosts of Turlee, Nathen and Sophie Wakefield, invited us to spend some time photographing them while they worked with their sheep.  Being a working sheep station in an isolated area, the whole family gets involved including the children.

Everybody has a job to do!

Their young daughter took it upon herself to rescue any lambs that had been separated from their mother.  She showed no fear walking through a herd of sheep that were nearly as tall as she was!












Next town on the itinerary was Menindee and Kinchega National Park.  The stunning lakes of Menindee are often empty due to the droughts that we have experienced in NSW, however when we visited them they were overflowing to the extent that they were being pumped out into the river system.  This was the first time in over 10 years that the lakes had been full. I am not sure what it is but myself and other photographers seem to have a fascination for dead trees and there are plenty of them located in the Menindee Lakes.

Sunset at Menindee


Menindee Magic


The serenity at the lake was amazing and was only shattered when Danni decided that she wished to catch up with her friends on the mobile phone (unfortunately, there was full mobile service out there)



We stayed at a lovely Red Earth Motel at Broken Hill and used it as a base for trips to one of the most interesting and quirky little towns that you could visit, Silverton.  The hotel at Silverton has been used for many movies including Mission Impossible II, Razorback and Madmax.

Relic of the Past

Mundi Mundi Plains

Silverton Church


Silverton is full of history and people with character.  It is a haven for artists due to the beautiful and unusual subjects available to them.


Amazing sunset at Whitecliffs

We will definitely be returning to Silverton the next trip and will use it as a base a for a few days while we explore the area.  The next town that we were visiting was White Cliffs which is famous for its opals and underground houses.  We had planned to spend one day there and travel further north but the roads were closed due to flooding so we spent two days days in White Cliffs.  The first night was at the White Cliffs Hotel which had some of the portable rooms used to accommodate the Olympic competitors at the 2000 Olympics available for use motel rooms.  We witnessed the most amazing sunset while at Whitecliffs.



You can’t visit White Cliffs without staying at the Underground Motel as it is quite an experience to sleep in what is basically a hole in the ground.  They have a plenty of rooms, a dining area, a pool and bar.

Handy to know!

The Cullens

There were some wonderful sights and photo opportunities around the area and you can even try your hand at noodling for opals while you are there but make sure that you have a fossicking licence. We did find it interesting that the local council felt it necessary to have a big sign advising that you need a permit to bury someone in the cemetery.  I would not have thought that there were too many people running around burying bodies without a permit.  For fans of the Twlight series you will be pleased to know that I have found where the Cullens are staying for their holidays.

Welcome to White Cliffs

Some of the signs are confusing though, you have the huge welcome sign and then you have one like this which clearly indicates that they do not like tourists.

I think they are serious

Welcome to Cobar

After 9 days of driving and enjoying the sights it was time to make our way back home.  We decided to visit the home of Elvis at Parkes for a night to break the trip up as it was quite a long drive from White Cliffs.  The trip home was via Cobar which is famous for its mining history.


All in all we travelled 3,800 kms in 10 days  and can’t wait to do it again!!



Aleyce Simmonds

Country singer, Aleyce Simmonds

Aleyce Simmonds

One of my favourites from the shoot with Aleyce

contacted me recently as she needed some new promotional photos and website photos. After discussing the type of photos and the look that she wished to portray I then scouted around for suitable locations in Sydney.

The great thing about scouting around is that you often find beautiful locations tucked away just around the corner.  The location that we decided upon was Lake Parramatta Reserve. This a great location with bushland and a lake and it is located at North Parramatta.

As the best light for photography is early in the morning or late in the afternoon we decided upon an early start so that we could finish the shoot before too many people arrived.

These are some of the photos that Aleyce chose as her favourites after the shoot: