Pin-ups and Cars

The following images are the result of 3 photographers collaborating to shoot 4 girls that enjoy the pin-up style and 3 antique cars.

The photographers were David Haworth, Justin Ross and myself and the models were Thalia, Shona, Bec and Julia.  The cars were located at Grasmere near Camden and were owned by friends of David.

The cars were in daily use by their owners and they were happy to be given some photos that they could have framed for display.


The above image of Thalia was one of my favourites from the shoot. Thalia is a qualified make-up artist and did all her own make-up.  If you would like to find out more you can contact Thalia on her Facebook page.

LeeLoo Loren

The photo above was my favourite from the shoot and Leeloo Loren (Julia) was definitely born in the wrong era!  She also looked after her own hair and make-up.

Shona Mercy

Since this shoot, Shona has stepped behind the camera and is really starting to make a name for herself as a photographer too. She now has a photography page on Facebook –  Miss Mercy Photography.  Shona’s make-up was by Carren Lee.

Bec Hardy

Bec Hardy looked like she had stepped back in time for the day and her make-up was by Carren Lee.

Blowing Kisses

It is not often that you get the opportunity to do a shoot like this so we made the most of it and shot until just before dark.  The owners of the cars even put on a great lunch for us!

Time for a Ride!

Shona & Bec

Shona – Miss Mercy

Bec Hardy

Shona – Miss Mercy


Bec (left) and Shona (right)













Leeloo Loren